Instructions for using Social Ad Finder to view Facebook ads

I. Purpose
If you have determined to work in content or advertising, you will have to bring yourself to live in an environment full of advertising. Watching a lot of ads is a way for us to find inspiration and accumulate ideas.

I myself specialize in developing products for women, so for about 3 years now, my gender on Facebook is FEMALE.

For what? To read ads for women every day.

From time to time, I also move to California, to read ads for California women, there are also differences with advertising in Florida.

Facebook is so smart now, what products do you care about, is the next day a bunch of similar products smack you in the face.

So each person should have a few sub-nicks, one for each
gender/age/region. Interested in any product line, interact with the fanpage of that product line. Occasionally go to a sub-nick to watch ads for ideas.

II. Social Ad Finder

In the process of waiting for your ad, having to drag the mouse is quite tiring. In the past, every 7 posts on Newsfeed would have 1 advertisement post. Now that number has gone down to 5.

So, if there is a tool to help remove all regular posts, keeping only advertising posts, your waiting process will be faster, right?

That’s Social Ad Finder

In short, this is an extension on chrome. This will help remove all normal posts, keep only advertising posts when you surf Newsfeed. Help you find ads faster

Please go to this link: Social Ad Finder

Demo Research bestsellers with the free Social Ad Finder tool to spot Facebook ads

ok so your Newsfeed only has ads and ads. Interacting with a few targeted fanpages, you will be able to see ads for an entire industry. Good luck and love your job.

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