Why You Should Never Use a Fake Facebook Profile to Administer a Business Page

Many business owners or marketers are reluctant to use their real Facebook profile to manage a business page. Some are concerned that they might accidentally post something meant for their personal page on their company page, or they don’t want business notifications mixed with their personal ones. Their solution is often to set up a fake profile which they only use to administer their business page. Our advice: don’t do this.

Some business owners set up a fake personal profile using a name similar to their business name (i.e. – if their company is called Jim’s Grocery Store, they create a new Facebook profile named “Jim Store” and use that profile to admin their business page), instead of using their regular Facebook profile. Using a fake profile goes against Facebook’s policies, and we’re noticing that Facebook is increasingly shutting them down. If Facebook flags your profile as fake, you may start noticing that Facebook is no longer allowing you to perform some basic admin functions, such as adding other admins to your page or boosting posts.

In some cases, you may lose access to that account immediately and be forced to convert that profile to a business page. You will also lose access to your Ads Manager account, and any current campaigns will be suspended. It’s not possible to transfer the administration of an ad account over to another person after you’ve converted your page because ad accounts can only be connected to personal accounts.

All personal profiles must represent an individual’s true self and you are not allowed to have multiple accounts. Facebook wants everyone to use real profiles to improve the social network’s transparency and targeting.

Facebook clarifies the difference between a page and a personal profile here, saying “Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name …In addition, Pages are managed by admins who have personal Facebook profiles. Pages are not separate Facebook accounts and do not have separate login information from your profile. They are merely different entities on our site, similar to how Groups and Events function. Once you have set up a Page within your profile, you may add other admins to help you manage this Page. People who choose to connect to your Page won’t be able to see that you are the Page admin or have any access to your personal account.”

We always suggest that you add a least one other real profile as an admin of your business page so that if your personal Facebook account is somehow compromised, someone else in your organization will be able to manage your page and you won’t lose access completely.

If you’re managing multiple pages or are still wary of using your personal Facebook profile to administer your business page, we suggest using Facebook’s Business Manager.   This tool, which we discuss further in another blog post, allows you to manage all of your Facebook business assets like pages, ad accounts and apps, and let other people or agencies work on them without having to share login details.

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